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Our Mission
We help veterans and families in need by providing household furnishings to those in need. Our furniture donations program allows us to brighten the lives of people in need by bringing dignity self-respect and promoting success into their new start. We do this while reducing the environmental footprint by keeping discarded furnishings out of our local landfills.

Our Vision
What sets us apart from other organizations is we give furniture and household items directly to those who are without, thus improving a personal’s quality of life. We find it heartbreaking that there are people who do not have a bed to sleep on, especially our veterans who have served to protect the rights we exercise every single day. We at MAHF do everything we can to try and change these unsettling truths and better our communities.

What our families have to say about us:


Thank you!

by CHD-PILOTS Program

Thank you for the generous donations of furniture and home goods; these items have helped us to improve and enhance the quality of our homes. We are grateful for your support and assistance.
Thank you, -From all of us at CHD-PILOTS Program

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