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About Us


About Keto Kitchen Confections

Born and raised in the Basque city of Irun, Spain, Iñaki began his apprenticeship in kitchens in 1992 in Argi Eder, France. He graduated from Lycée Hotelier de Biarritz in 1996 with three degrees in the culinary arts and moved to the United States to work at the Hotel Durant in Berkeley, CA. He moved to AZ and worked in multiple restaurants including Va Bene, the Landmark, and Cheesecake Factory. 

With 27 years of experience in the restaurant business- his unique talents as a chef allowed him to lose weight, and support his wife Leah and her friend Rebecca in losing over 200lbs pounds as well- WITHOUT having to give up sweets and great tasting confections and cuisine. Now he is sharing that talent with the community. His food is not your average keto food or sugar free treats, this is on another level, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Welcome to Keto Kitchen Confections! The inspiration for Keto Kitchen Confections begins in 2014 when owner Leah Huarte started trying to lose weight for her brother’s wedding. Her friend Rebecca and husband Inaki both also in need of losing a few pounds joined in trying to lose weight. Having tried Atkins before and found it effective they were intrigued by what was then a new and little heard of “keto” diet. Leah and Becca, both long time home bakers, and Inaki a classically trained French chef quickly found success due to the fact that they could modify high sugar treats and make them sugar free and low carb. 

While there were many missteps and failed recipes, the team continued to lose over 200 lbs between the three of them and create many recipes that became favorites among family and friends. In April of 2019, after seeing the popularity of the keto diet and believing their recipes and products were something that was needed out in the community they started Keto Kitchen Confections. Leah, Becca, and Inaki take pride in bringing superior keto, low carb, sugar-free, grain free and gluten free confections and cuisine to the East Valley.