744-Fluorite Points

Incredible Gifts

Rare Earth Gallery is your ultimate gift buying destinations. We offer a unique one-of-a-kind selections for any age, budget or taste. Our offerings are timeless providing a lifetime of enjoyment.


Stunning Jewelry

Rare Earth Gallery offers one of The most comprehensive gemstone jewelry Collections on the planet. With over 150 types of gemstones to choose from and over 300 stunning displays you are sure to find that special piece for any occasion.


Home Decor “Like Never Before”

At Rare Earth Gallery, as our name implies, we showcase rare art from the treasure of the earth. Epic, awe inspiring natural art is available like never before. Our magnificent pieces are perfect in your home, office, and as landscape decor, providing a lifetime of natural beauty and elegance.

One-of-a-kind Landscape Decor

Rare Earth Gallery offers an intriguing and eclectic collection of natural art pieces to incorporate into your outdoor space. From hand carved sculptures, to incredible Arizona petrified wood specimens, basalt columns, onyx, and much more you will be sure to find Incredible accessory pieces or the crowning jewel to for your landscaping “wants”.


Decorative and Collectible Minerals

Come visit Rare Earth Gallery in Cave Creek, Arizona to see the mesmerizing and intriguing beauty that springs forth from Mother Earth. Perfect as gifts and accessories for the home.


Profound Fossils

With fossils dating back to 3.5 billion years old these ancient wonders of the earth are an incredible snapshot into our planets history. Explore here to discover you’re missing treasure